God bless you…

We often look for excuses when it come to give God or best. Our best praises, our best offering, our best in the talent He gave us. Their is a lack of excellency in  serving the Lord. We make excuses like he/she doesn’t have sorrows that is why his praises are better then mine. He/she has money that makes it easier to give God their best. In reality it is not about all of this. It’s our personal/spiritual/relation life with God. We are used to blame everything on the devil but in reality some times we create and imagine things the way we want. When we come to the Lord we have leave everything at the door and come with a empty heart to receive. Don’t think anything else than about the greatness of God. You will discover that most of the people are trying to give their best  Your biggest possession has to be GOD.

This is what the script says. God does not look at possession, nor material. God looks after your heart. In fact we are the ones that makes difference between people. But in reality their is no difference.(not by character, but we are made to live, serve and give Him and only Him all the honor and glory)                         Romans 2:11 For there is no respect of persons with God.

With other words God doesn’t make difference  in people we are all the same to Him. It has to be in our interest to give God the best that we have in every aspect, because at  the end He gave it all to us.

God bless you.


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