At all times…

Dear brother and sister in Christ God bless you richly,

For this new week i want to leave you with a other testimony of mine which I received confirmation on today. A while ago things where going very bad. Financially, emotionally and even spiritually. It was like everything we build as family was falling apart. I had mixed feelings didn’t know exactly what to do, which way to turn. I was home alone one night (with my kids) and was streaming a service online. The Spirit of God was moving mightily. I felt His presence and it was as of He was saying to me worship God. Praise God at all times. At that time i thought i don’t have the answer to everything, i don’t know which way to turn but what i do know is praise the Lord with all your might and all your heart. I decided at that moment that i would make worship a Daily routine. (in the morning, evening, noon, night)

Now a days we have the routine to check our social networks constantly. We ping, app, text, facebook, twitter and so on. But what about to check in with God worship Him, talk to Him, pray to Him…(get where i’m going) When things are down, we curse, we say things that makes it worse and we forget what the bible says :  (by the way you can’t curse and bless with the same mouth…)

Psalm 66:4/8-9 KJV  All the earth shall worship thee, and shall sing unto thee; they shall sing to thy name. Selah.  8 O bless our God, ye people, and make the voice of his praise to be heard: 9 Which holdeth our soul in life, and suffereth not our feet to be moved.

God will not forsaken you, He will not leave you. True your trouble and pain worship the Lord he can transform everything to be good. If you don’t know what to do just worship. Just by the record since i turned my life all about worship it is all good. Trials can come but i will worship, i don’t have time to worry, i refuse to give the enemy a chance. Because i know in whom i have put my trust. The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. The Lord of hosts, he is the King of glory. Selah.

So at all time bless the Lord, worship the Lord, give Him your best praises even true trails.

God bless you.


One thought on “At all times…

  1. God is the best that could happen to us. In fact if it was not for HIs love, mercy, grace and kindness we wouldn’t exist. So worship the Alpa & Omega, the Beginning and End at all timen..In all your circumstances…

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