Come and lay down….

God bless you,

I felt that i had to remember you that God loves you, doesn’t matter how many mistakes you made. God loves you so much that He send His only begotten Son for you and me so we could be saved. You would say this verse  talks about salvation, but before you come to that part, the verse saith “For God so Loved the world” so he loved us and gave His only begotten Son in love for us. So if He loves you so much why don’t you trust Him today with your life. Everything but everything that is burden you lay them down. Give everything to Him. He is here for you. He will listen to you. He is patience to you. He will care for you.. Just give Him all. But this saith the word of the Lord;

Matthew 11:28 KJV (GOD IS HERE FOR YOU)

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

He will even give you rest. He can give you everything. Don’t miss another day to give Him your life thinking He is not here… Because He is here and will stay here for you..

God keep on blessing you


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