Who am I..

God bless you,

Today I will talk a little bit of my childhood, my teenage years and my young adult years.

My childhood; I was born out of wedlock and “was” a seed of adultery. I am a only child. Now you can can ask why I say I was; well you know when I accepted Jesus He turned my past into a testimony. So now I am a daughter of the most high King and He is perfect and know what He does. God doesn’t make mistakes. As I grew up my mother did everything she could so that I can have everything I wanted. But as child (grownups also) you are delicate and as people reject you and speak lies about you it hurts even more.

So there I was fighting my way into the present trying to get acceptance. I grew up hearing that I am a “bastard” (not from my mom she always loved me tried to protect me from the hurting world but it still got to me), I had to hear from brothers and sisters in the church that my dresses where oldish and so one. But still through all of my hurt God used one person a old friend as I call him to get to me. He invited me to church. To the youth service. I met God, and God began to speak to me. I was so hunger for Him that I wanted more after a while of growing in church a man came up to me. He asked me if I wanted to host e radio program for kids I replied and saith yes. There I was a kid myself speaking to other kids. God knew He had to set me apart. God grace was with me in my pain so I can have a testimony a story to share.

My teenage years: I was now in high school I was pass over the fact that people will always have an opinion towards me, so I thought. Without knowing that the seeds they planted were growing roots inside of me. Sometimes I didn’t even want to listen to what my mom wants. I wanted my own ways. I was in church but with a rebellious attitude. We got into a fight so bad one time that I thought she is rejecting me to. I began to think she doesn’t want me, she is comparing me with my nieces and so one. That is the day I decided I wanted out of this life it was hard, so I thought. I took the knife… But once again Gods grace was already there. I got afraid I was still yelling tho but they manage to take away the knife. For a cooling down and distraction I got to stay with other family.

Adult years: In my teenage years I met my husband at the radiostation. I was thirteen at the time. He saw me maybe twice before but I didn’t noticed. He was attending another church than I was so I didn’t saw him often. Only on fridays I used to go for teenage programs now. When I noticed the interest and my interest was growing we began talking. I liked him a whole lot was smitten by Him. We talked before the dating and so one. After a while we began dating years went pass by. We know each other for 11 years so in order for me to tell you everything I will need to write a book. but for now I’ll just skip a part. We moved from our homeland to Holland. We lived together for three years got a our firstborn out of wedlock. and after these three years got married.

God was every step of the way I saw my own past and I know my present; one thing we had for sure that we didn’t want to reproduce our life’s.

It went wrong the spirit of fortification was present we had to deal with that. We grew up with out hearing to often that we are loved. We wore kids that only had our mothers. What do you do when you miss a part of you. Know that God’s grace is sufficient for you. Even when your mom or dad walks out on you God is there to tell you came in my child. I love you. Hear is your place take position. God has a plan for you.

Yesterday I told about you, you are beautiful unique and made in God’s image. Today I tell you who I am and tomorrow I will tell you what I do to make it better than the past.



Family matters, only God can restore and mend situations, the broken hearted and those who lack of love. If can do it for me He can do it for you.

Be blessed.

With loving regards.



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