Focus on the Family..

God bless you,

Yesterday I told you about me. Today I will tell you about us. This is us;

The past is the past, the present is the present and the future will be the future. Out of every past you can learn something. You can look back on how it went and how you want it to be and on top you have to look on how God intended it to be and how you are going to act on it. Yesterday I told you who I was and which seed I was born out of. In this department my husband and I are alike. This seed was reproduced in my own life. My firstborn was born out of this same seed (fornication). Now is this what God wanted, is this what we wanted to live in, a life of sin?

The answer is no, this is not what God intended. God wants family don’t get that wrong (He blessed Noah and his sons multiply and fill the world Genesis 9:1,7), but he wants us to do things the right way. (know the persons, be friends, know the family, have a deeper relationship with the person (talks about future, God…), get engaged, get married have kids and be a family)

Is this what we wanted, the answer is no.. We waned a life that pleases God. We didn’t want to relive our own life we wanted to do things the right way. This is beginning of our own story;



This is us: What does God wants, this is the foundation we take as a member of the family. The man is head of the house like Jesus is the head of the body (church). The children has to obey, just like we as parents has to obey God. And she, she must take care of the household, she sustain the vision of the husband but is not at the same level as the husband!.

Everyone has their own story. You may have a blended family, You may be single parenting, maybe you are a widow, you may have a unbeliever as wife or husband. You know what no matter the situation God has the solution in 1 Corinthians 7 (whole chapter)

This is ours. Just remember that God has to be the center so things can work out.

Be blessed.

With loving regards,



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