Victory is mine…

God bless you,

Today I woke thinking about all the things God brought me through..First of all God thank you for your favour and grace that has kept me. When God’s favour is on you nobody can take that away.

Satan did try to put an end at my life in many occasions but God’s hands is upon. So satan did try but he couldn’t triumph. When friends let me down God picked me up. Even when I was hurt God turned into purpose. I could have die in three occasion by inflicting pain to myself. I could have die 2 times in a car accident. God spared me that I wasn’t home at the time that there was an armed robbery taking place in my home. God spared me of my own voice telling myself that I could not make it. Despite of everything I did, despite that I did not deserve it. God did it for me. There is nobody greater than God.

Yesterday I took one more step in my calling. I begun as child at a radio station hosting a child program. After this was promoted to encourage and teach to teens. Than I left the radio I was preaching at youth conventions. Than I moved to Holland for a while didn’t exactly know where to pick up. I was writing my sermons but didn’t nothing with was preaching myself I guess and growing. After that my husband encouraged me to start a blog. I did that is why you are able to read this now. This year I once hosted a woman service and I could speak about one of my many testimonies. It was a blessing to allot of woman. Now I was asked two weeks ago to encourage to congregation. Didn’t exactly know what to say until God spoke to me and said tell them about you. So yesterday I was privileged to speak in the congregation where I attend. Didn’t think it would touch hearts but where the presence of God there is change. There wore some sisters that came up to me. one telling me she got her answer through my speaking. And another that told me that my testimony really touch her. All the glory be to God. To progress you have to access the keys that God has for you.

john 16;33


John 16:33 NIV

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble.But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

I hope that you have been blessed I have. Feel like despite my situation the victory will always be mine, because did overcome this world. Be obedient to God is what will promote you to your next level. You will shift from glory to glory and victory to victory.

With loving regards,



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