Love – Marriage day 2

God bless you,

Since I made the promise I have to live up to it. Today I will tell you how we grew together as friends – knowing each other – knowing families and growing in love towards God and for each other. Having a relationship is a multitask issue. It’s a covenant between God- man- woman.

At first I didn’t know he was watching, once I knew I had that feeling of butterflies in my stomach. What I didn’t know was that those butterflies will die after a period and that I had to give them CPR over and over again to keep them alive. Yet this is not possible. I had to make a decision to love him as I love myself and sacrifice my own will to his and be the help God created for the man. (Gen. 2:21-25)

I recall when we started to talk to each other my husband had a female friend that he used to talk to for hours on the phone. He was the Youth Pastor and yet I found myself preaching to him. I was young; I asked “you cannot talk to two girls at the same time right?”.(Guess this was the epic moment that drove his attention completely to me, we were just friends and there I was courages asking how is it that he is talking to multiple woman at the same time oops) I just wanted to know where we stand and if he was interested. I could only build and be stable if he was stable too. I was thirteen/fourteen at the time we began to talk to each other. I had problems at home because he was much older as I. At the church I was attending my Youth Pastor ask me friendly why him, where did I met him from on so one. I was stoned with lot of questions, but somewhere I knew he will be the one. Many times I found myself praying asking God if he was the one and to give me a sign.

We had enough time to talk, to know each other and to grow together in God. We had the time to work as individuals on the broken and deformed parts of love. We had to deal with Jealousy – Fornication – Infidelity and  lack of communication/understanding. (what love should look like 1 Corinthians 13)

At first I had to learn that whence I made the decision to fall in love with him that I cannot quit because I’ll be a quitter without trying. If you don’t go through trials there cannot be triumphs. There is no testimony and you cannot learn anything if you don’t try it out first. Being together is to make a decision to love, care, help and stretch in prayer and faith. You have to sacrifice allot in order to make it work, but it is worth it. Just make sure that you don’t loose yourself in the process. Be yourself and make sure your partner knows what is going through your mind, honesty is a big deal. Don’t only complain about the situation but ask yourself what are you doing to help the situation. Never try to change your partner only God can do so. Change begins with yourself and  in prayer. Therefore it is important that your partner knows how you think and feel so he knows how to react on it. Remember this; Change doesn’t happen in one day, it takes love and patience to cultivate and to awaken what you are praying for.

All this I had to learn and after 5 years we got engaged. The rest of this story and the profound of it will follow tomorrow.

Love day 2


Be blessed. I just hope you are finding everything you need. My prayer is that God will be the centre of your relationship and marriage. Starting as friends is essential you can fall back on it and have flashbacks about it. Don’t start on desires because this can disappointing if you don’t know the person, the feelings, the thoughts and desires he/she has.

With loving regards,



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