Love – Marriage day 3

God bless you,

Today I want to talk about some life experience. Yesterday I told how my love story began. Today I will write and blog about the common problems every relationship can face. Every stage/level knows his own problems. Even that love is pure and perfect, we as humans are not perfect.

Many times we harden our heart to the discipline of God. When He rebukes us; we get angry and yet we find ourself in tears crying and asking why it didn’t work out.

My husband comes from a Pastoral family. This meant at the time that I could not sleepover at his house. This doesn’t mean there was no shacking but I know now why it was not possible to stay over. In the beginning when I went for visits we always sat in the living room afterwards we start going into the bedroom. (well their is where the danger begins) The bible tells us that we have to flee the evil desires of our youth and to pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace. (2 Timothy 2:22) If we only listen to the discipline of God we wouldn’t be endangered and exposed to sin.

Well as you know we were engage but there was some shacking up. So what now. We knew each other for a very long time now. We were shacking what was new and a next level to achieve. It seems like we did it all and that there would be nothing new to the relationship. These wore my feelings and thoughts. But again the bible says;
(1 Corinthians 7:2) “2 But since sexual immorality is occurring, each man should have sexual relations with his own wife, and each woman with her own husband.” Well this meant clearly we had to get married.

There was a time that jealousy was living in our hearts; I lost many cellphones 😮
Many painful words were spoken to each other and it began to thorn things apart. In 1 Corinthians 13 bible says that loved doesn’t know jealousy, love doesn’t know envy but love is kindness, peace, joy…..

We had to struggle with some infidelity; ooh boy. The man is not always guilty. Bible talks about the foolish woman who tears the house down with her own hands. I have been here; I had to learn how to become the wise woman who constructs a house and keeps it together. (Proverbs 14:1) If we only communicate and say what is on our minds life would be better. Sometimes we think or feel some way and act directly on those feelings. Feelings are temporarily. Today I can feel fit and tomorrow tired. If we only take time to talk and search together for solutions marriage will be forever. When you talk you grow together as one. When you don’t talk you grow apart. When you pray together your united as one in faith. Faith is like a marriage glue. You need those compounds in order to work to a successful and effective marriage.

Trust can be re-established when you choose together to make it work. This infidelity incident took place after we have been for 6 or 7 years together. We’ve been now 12 years together this mean that we have work it out in 5 years. We had to learn to trust. Never ever think that you saw everything, there will always something new to learn from your partner. This journey of love knows his joy and sad moments, some moments to grow and some moments of setbacks. There will be always ups and downs, but don’t stay in the downs.

Love day 3We wore so young on this picture.

Tomorrow I will write about how to keep the love burning. If Jesus is the groom and we as church the bride, we as church disappointed Him in many occasions but yet He will never divorce us (like He never will leave us; His love and grace, forgives us and gives us a new chance to make thing right, He has a solution for everything) Prayer and obedience is the key that help to empower the married life.

Be blessed,

With loving regards,



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