There is no time left for games…

God bless you,

Today you may agree with the statement or not. You may like me less or more but actually this will not bother me. I’m not writing to get any credit just getting the word out as it is. Keepin’ it real (this introduction of todays writing is not an apology!) Ok lets get straight to the point than.

When life for you is living fearing God it means that you will do your best to live according God’s word and you will try to avoid sin. So when it is Friday or Saturday you can’t just decide to hang in the club. (you can lie to yourself but you can’t lie to God; you can try hide from people so you don’t get cut but God will find you even there) Its like when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge; the soon found out the where naked. God called the man..He answered telling God that He can’t come out cause he was naked..
(Genesis 3:7-11)

Testimony: I was never a party girl but I was curious of how that will be. So one day I lied to my mom and told her I was going to sleep over at a friends house (non believer). So I went over to her house. We were picking the “sexiest close” (for me when I look back it’s like left over of clothes put together to cover just some parts of the body :O ) There was smoking, getting high, drinking, a lot of dirty dancing, boys and girls getting it done and so one… I was little shy at the party cause it was my first time it was weird felt like I shouldn’t be there.. I was constantly watching over my shoulder if no one would see me and go tell my mom or the church people… Well I soon found out when I got home. My mom knew where I was and that it was all a lie. She wrote me a note telling me this; “as fast as a lie goes, as fast the truth will follow after” well she broke of that friendship, I couldn’t sleepover anymore nor have any kind of contacts! A few weeks after I find myself sitting in the church, I felt exposed like I was naked.. I knew that it was wrong from the beginning but I went through with it. I lost a “friend”, had to start over to be renewed from all the dirt I got myself into. I couldn’t club and church the day after..

Well if I tell you I fear God and that I live to worship Him is because I mean it. We often think we can get away with things, but actually we not getting away, we’re getting into things we shouldn’t be into! I thought I could go to church and still do the regular.. It didn’t work and it shouldn’t be that way neither.. Where the presence of God is, darkness must go, sin must leave, every spirit must flee.

The bible says we cannot serve two masters at the same time. You will love the one and hate the other. There is no time left to play games.

Luke 16;13


Bible Luke 16:13 NIV

13 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

The world is all about money, riches and luxury (things that will not last forever.. Be humble and state your riches in heaven. Wisdom is where every real riches begin.

Be blessed.

With loving regards,



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