Being Introduced…

God bless you,

Today I want to introduce you to the best Friend I ever met in my life. In the past before I was introduced to this Friend, I was well known to hang with the wrong crowds. People who will help bring the worst out of me. Sometimes I would get myself in trouble for things I didn’t even know was happening. I will tell you about one incident than I will introduce you this Friend who will not get you in trouble but will help you through it.  A friend that will bring the best out of you. His agenda is known. People of whom you don’t know their agenda cannot be called friend. You never know what they are up to. Im not saying you have to be all in their business..But watch out!!

Their was a time that I always was being cut for doing the wrong things. It was so bad that my mother would ask me, is that what you are learning at the church… Well about these friends, we use to lie, sometimes smoke (I was cut for this), give other people hard times, even stealing from others.. I wasn’t always manageable. They (This) brought the worst out of me. I ran away from home one time that they had to send the police searching for me.

Than their was this boy I knew and He invited me to the Youth Service.. There I was.. Overwhelmed by love, peace, acceptance and I was taken in just as I was. God will not have you change all at once (it is a process), for sure you have to change but He has the Holy Spirit taking care of that and making sure it happens. I was open for God to come in and change me. I didn’t know at the time what was going on but I could feel the change happening. I was introduced that night to JESUS. A friend that could bring the best out of me, who can set me up in the right direction. Someone who would not ran out on me when things get difficult and hard. He is someone that when I need Him, He is listening 24/7; He’s walking just beside me; Everywhere I go He is there.. I’m never alone. People around begun to experience that change, I was no longer a trouble maker but now they wouldn’t even recognise me.. I was even ask to give my testimony at a graduation of how I made it to make this change. Well let me tell you Jesus did it for me.

john 15;15



John 15:15 NIV

15 I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.

A) A servant does not know his master’s business.
B) Jesus called you friend because everything He learned from His Father, He passed it on to you. How wonderful, there is no secret going on, there is no stabbing you in the back, there is no pretending to love you it is all real.

Sometimes we are to quick to call people friends.. There some people you just know, there some people they are just colleagues and some people who can call friend. (you can count on them in certain things, if you need them you know where to find them and so one)

Be blessed.

With loving regards,



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