A part of deliverance.

God bless you,

Today I wanna tell you this. Sometimes in order for you to receive deliverance you must forgive someone that hurt you. Sometimes it will take away your breath only by thinking you have to forgive someone that hurt you so badly. Forgiveness is necessary for you to be free. It doesn’t say anything about the person it says more about you. It says: “I’m ready to move on”, “I refuse to stay stuck in the past”, “I refuse to live in bondage because something that has been done to me”.. Sometimes it may sound selfish but you have to choose for yourself and the kind of relationship you want to have with God.

The bible says in Matthew 6:15 That if we don’t forgive others their sins, our heavenly Father will not forgive us our sins. So in order to be free and delivered from sin you must forgive someone that hurt you but you have to forgive yourself also. You can’t ask from God to forgive you if your not willing to forgive yourself!

You may ask how many times you should forgive. It is a question that has been asked before. Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive his brothers and sister in Matthew 18:21 and Jesus replied ” up to seventy-seven times”. Reconcile with your brother and sister now that you have the time. If you have to forgive your mom because she gave the feeling of never being enough forgive her. If you have to forgive a uncle of molesting forgive him. It may sound difficult and heart but this is for your own good this is your healing, your deliverance.

matthew 6;15I can remember forgiving someone. I couldn’t even think straight of what I will do if I saw this person the next time I see her, because of what she has done. She was a member of the church, taking part of the dance group I was leading and we even worked at the radio station together. So she knew that the man she was flirting and sending text messages to was spoken for. I already had my suspicion till it came out to the light what was going on.. I was angry, didn’t feel any love, compassion nor forgiveness flowing through me. (I hated her) In one word I couldn’t function. One week later on the Sunday the spirit of the Lord spoke to me that I had to go the her and forgive her. I can remember myself in tears hugging her for what she has done. But in reality it was what I have done.. I judge her even contempt her, that day I was deliver from all that what was wrong and corrupted my love, my trust, my praise. I was free, I was functioning again.

Be blessed.

With loving regards,



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