Every Praise..

God bless you,

No matter the circumstance you find yourself in Praise God, cause He is good and forever good. Praise is a key to your break through, your deliverance, your miracle, your restoration it is even good for the soul. Music in general can give you different feelings. If I point out the good ones it gives you the feeling of freedom, joy, peace and tranquility and some people even use it as inspiration for creativity. God has given us a voice, a heart, hands to praise Him with. (It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take a platform, but it doesn’t stop you to Praise God with everything you have) The bible says in the book of Psalm “Let everything that has breath praise Him” I guess you woke up this morning so your breathing, so you can praise Him. It is a essential moment to give God what is His.

psalm 13;6

There is a lot you can give God praise for; life, His mercy, His grace, His unconditional love, for the blood of Jesus, For the most precious gift one can receive Jesus Christ your Savior. Even when troubles strike you can give God praise and exalt His name because You know that your God that hold your future in His hand will make everything work out for the great and good. Today I’m short but I want you to know that when you start praising `god, Worshipping God chains are falling, the devil is fleeing and gets upset that you chose God as your number #1.

Be blessed.

With loving regards,



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