A reminder to me

Today I’m writing to myself..

Every book, article, paper or summary you read there is a introduction. This is mine. Just to be clear that I do not seek recognition in whatever my task for the Lord is, that it is not to gain power, to fit in or something like that. I’m writing this to remind me that in 2015 that this is who I am.

This is me; “I’m not going after power or recognition those who want the platform can take it! My mission is to follow Christ in obedience. Impersonating someone could be fun until you loose yourself in it and forget who you really are! This occasionally will bring collateral damage with it, because someone tried do something that wasn’t theirs to do.. I’m me and I’m real, there is no pretending to be anyone. I just wanna be me. My role model is Jesus… My Inspiration is the Holy Ghost. And my payment (price) will come from God.”


When you do something for God do it with a pure heart. Be contempt with who you are. God created me for who I am!

Yours faithfully,

S.Domitilia (Me)


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