Hey there today a concerning matter I wan’t to leave you with to think about. It’s the foundation of a house that determines how strong the hous will be!

Now a days when we here follow Jesus, we are still looking for things of the past to bring into the new. It doesn’t work that way you can’t put the new with the old.. it’s like putting new apples in a basket with rotten apples, they will all become rotten. 

Why in the world would someone who has been given a new and second chance, a clean slate bring things that used to be into the new opportunity that has been given unto him?. It’s like planning to do things the same way you used to do and the outcome will be the same ass before. (You cannot blame God for this)

It’s remarkable when Jesus picked His first disciples they were fishing, Jesus called them and instantly they drop it all the left their boats, nets, in one sentence: they left it all to follow Him. They didn’t question the calling where to, what for and so on.. They simply did it and they were transformed from fishers of fish to now be fishers of man. What you used do Jesus will turn it around and used it for something good… the qualities and talents you have will be harnessed to be in practice for His glory! 

Just drop everything and follow Him, take Him as compass (your Guide) and use the manual for the use terms (the bible with rules of direction/ wisdom). Don’t forget to commune with Him (in prayer, all times) 

Be blessd. With loving regards,