“The Lord was with him”

The Lord is with you..

Many times we go through rough stuff in life, stuff that helped form us into the person we are today! Some of us teach and learn others out of that place that once hurt, some of us choose to stay in the condition of being hurt (the victim) and others seek help but they don’t share their story! 

This is the story of Joseph, the youngest (17) among his brothers. Loved by his father more than the others, cause he had him at a old age. In the sight of God Joseph was favored and loved. (The Lord was with him) Joseph shepherd the sheep, he fed them, watered  them, he took care of them. One day Joseph his father made him a robe (ornate, coat) of many colors and gave it to him. Joseph’s brothers became jealous of him. Than Joseph started having these dreams and when he told his brothers about it, all the more they hated him for it. Joseph’s brothers didn’t understand him. They hated him and plotted against him! Even his father didn’t understand him and was angry at him. Cause they didn’t understand and couldn’t accept him they rejected him. So Joseph was thrown into a pit (isolated) after sold into slavery (Gen. 37) and finally when you think he has it all together cause he finds himself living in the house of the Egyiptian master and in charge (Gen. 39:2-6). 

But after a while Potiphar wife noticed Joseph, due his good looks. (The bible describes him as well-built and handsome). She grabbed Joseph in  His cloak and wanted Joseph to go to bed with her. Joseph ran out, Joseph was loyal and a man of integrity..He ran out on Potiphar wife and left his cloak in her hands. She started to tell lies about Joseph, she blamed him for something that didn’t even happen! Because of lie, Joseph was thrown into prison, but the Lord was with him. Even when Joseph placed in the dungeon he found favor by the chief guard. The guard put David in charge and everything succeeded. After a period of two years Joseph had the chance to stand before Potiphar again to interpret a dream he had. Potiphar saw that he was wise and wordked with deligance, so Potiphar made Joseph second in commend.. in chapter 41 and 42 of Genesis you can continue reading how every turned around with his own family!

What this story is telling is you’ve been through storms, life happened, they even wronged you, you’ve been set apart by God just to find out that you are special and that there is greatness within you and whereever you go with your story it will bless someone else, help set someone free. Even when everything started out bad, God can turn things around in your favor. 

Always remember “The Lord is with you”

Be blessed,



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